Title: Manneken
Production year: 2014
Length: 42’
Production country: España
Genre: No fiction / Documentary experimental
Languages: No
Format: HD

Production company: La madre del cordero films.
Direction and editing: Samuel Domingo.
Script and production: Samuel Domingo, Rafa Casañ,Octavio Guerra and Quique García.
Cameras: Samuel Domingo, Rafa Casañ and Octavio Guerra.
Music: mêi and mêi&David Alarcón.


As the city celebrates its big party, he get off the train ready to get lost into the crowd and enjoy the Mediterranean warmth. Closely watching the thousands of visitors and tourists, this immutable character begins to discover and accept his place in this world and stop being a spectator to become part of this ritual that welcomes the spring.


Manneken can be screened as a silent film with experimental music performed in live by mei&truna, experimental musicians, improvisation specialists, who plays with modified instruments, built by themselves. Both have a great experience in experimental music festivals, as audiovisual and scenic arts composers as well designing sound installations.

This film is conceived to be accompanied by a sound ambience which re-signify the image. As almost all the silent films, the music drives and fixes the emotions.
Here we go near the main character’s experience allowing the sound moving us inside unsuspected places and talking to us instead of words.

We focus on live music to offer to the public a live-show, unique and unrepeatable that we think connects with the cinemas origin as media and artistic expression, when it was screened in community with live music.